reflects your sense of happiness.

Ha reflects your sense of happiness.

As our sense of wellbeing and happiness increases so does our Ha.

The Happiness Abscissa (Ha) reflects a person’s happiness. The Ha is a subjective scale that incorporates neurobiologic and sensory elements that can be optimized to improve one’s sense of wellbeing.

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Each is an exceptional blend of surprising and effective scents.

Pleasant scents make happier memories and enhanced well-being (higher Ha), as measured by physiological responses. Pleasant scents, detected by olfactory cells and transmitted throughout the brain via the amygdala, influence emotions and may result in increased happiness.

Pleasant emotions induced by scent may further increase wellbeing when accompanied by pleasant visual and culture-related linguistic stimuli.

The Ha products contain specific combinations of scents that give us an improved state of wellbeing and happiness. Eau de Brooklyn, Eau d’Omaha, and Eau d’Uruguay are scents that best correlate with our optimized Ha.

Emilio and Ann

The “Happiness Abscissa” (Ha), a measure of happiness, was created in collaboration between Emilio, a neurologist, and Ann, a psychiatrist and artist. In their collaboration, Emilio’s special interest in the autonomic nervous system (the part of the nervous system governing basic physiological functions of the body needed to sustain life including the heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing, digestion, temperature regulation, the release of hormones, and sexual function), and Ann’s understanding of human behavior and emotion complemented each other. A shared interest in scents, and in particular the role of scents in modulating emotional states, has further guided their joint projects. During the course of their observations they identified specific scents that translated to them into improved state of wellbeing and happiness (elevated Ha).



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